II – A Little Faith

A veteran dancer just transitioning off the poles at Insilico’s infamous Reakt0r, Nairn meets an old face to the city coming back for a second go at the neighboring bar, Blue Ant



Nairn stood at the edge of Blue Ant, trying to keep her eye on any passing patrons leaving from the Aftermath party the night before. Surely they would be in top condition at this hour. After what seemed like an age passing, she fell bored. Making her way into the club she sighed, deciding to finally take a seat at the bar.
On the other corner was Faith. Sitting alone, she tried to forget all the filthy guys from her shift at the Reakt0r. Looking over, she noticed a single woman taking her seat down the way.
Nairn held up a finger, to which Antron responded promptly, “Water.” She said plainly, unable to get anything else. Peppering her visits in with actually purchasing drinks, she hoped not to be told to move on for loitering. “Thanks.”
Faith looked over to the single guest and wonders if she should make a move on her. Since she was back in Insilico, she was alone. Maybe some company to talk to could cheer her up. She plucked up courage and walked to the lady, “Mind if I join you?”
Nairn didn’t hesitate, holding out her hand to offer the seat next to her, “Be my guest.” She wasn’t anti-social by any means, but didn’t quite form a smile.
Faith looked at the ladies beverage and pointed to the bot, “You want a drink?”
Nairn tapped at her glass, a now collection condensation on it’s sides, “Got myself covered, thanks.” She examined the woman, dressed quite nicely, “I don’t think I’ve seen you around. New in the city?”
She just wanted tell that she lived here before but remembers herself not to, “I am new around here, I moved to Insilico just a few weeks ago.” Faith turned to the electric bar keeper, “Give some of that stuff you gave me before earlier.”
“Ah. How are you finding it then? Pretty girl like you might get a bit of attention around the place.” Her green eyes trailed up and down the woman, getting a better look.
Faith answered to her question, “It helps to keep my scheduler filled.” She looked around if her client already arrived and checked the time. “So what’s your deal? Is it possible that I saw you earlier at the Reakt0r?”
“My deal,” She finally smiled, now getting a vague idea of the situation, “Very possible. I come and go as a dancer and the like–line the pockets, you know. Doesn’t hurt to work a shift every now and again.” She looked directly at the woman, “Frequent the club, do you?”
“I work for Madame, taking over a few shows for her. She helped gave me shelter when I arrived.” It dawned on Faith that she remembered seeing Nairn at the stage while waiting for clients to meet her.
The woman had her full attention, which was something that had to be naturally found for with a fleeting mind, “I suppose I should welcome you properly then. I was told of your hiring–she is right, you know. You would look better with your hair down.” She gave a subtle wink. “My name is Nairn,” She offered.
While ordering another drink she introduces herself in turn, “Nice to meet you, Nairn, call me Faith.”
“Faith.” She repeated, “What an uplifting name, you have.” Her skin was tan and healthy. Vibrant. Nothing to the backdrop of the city behind her, lined with grime. “So you’re going to stay here then? In the city, I mean.”
Faith was asking that question to herself for quite some time now and repeats an honest answer: “I don’t know. I ca… I am here to find an old friend, but he seems to be vanished. I might need a few more weeks to decide if I stay. The weather here isn’t good for my taint you know?”
Nairn laughed a bit, muffling with her hand, “It’s…it’s not great. Cold out.” She choked down another giggle thinking the woman must have meant ‘tint’. “If your friend is in the city, Madame can find them. You’d be surprise at the many doors that open when you work under her.”
Faith wasn’t sure if the bundle up with Madame was a good choice in the first place. Sure Madame knew many, but that implies that many knew Madame and that would lead Faith eventually bumping into someone that knew her from back in the days. “Yeah, but I don’t want to be a burden to Madame. I’ll try pulling a few strings of my own first.”
Nairn looked at her glass of water, untouched still, “I don’t think she sees it like that, but I think you’re wise to try and make your own way.” She looked back at Faith, “If you need anything to get around, just let me know. I don’t know where you’re from, but Insilico ain’t no joke these days.”
The woman looked around in the bar that seemed so familiar, but still different from the original that it becomes awkward simultaneously wondering about Nairn’s words. “Did you know that this bar used to be beneath the Reakt0r?”
“I know a lot of things.” She gave a mischievous smile, alluding in that way that was all her own. Nairn rose from the barstool, “Well Faith, it’s always good to meet one of the new girls. Hopefully I’ll catch a performance soon, eh?” The glass of water remained without a sip taken out, as she shifted from the bar to abandon it. “I’ll have to be going now, I think. Time is money, you know. Look me up if you ever need some…extra cash. Might be worth your time, might not.”
The client finally enters the bar. Faith started to rise to approach him. “Thanks, i’ll keep that in mind.”
“Cheers.” Nairn said in parting as she walked off into the city.


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