I had this one tucked away in a folder for quite some time now. I often find photos that I’ve abandoned–not even venturing to post or anything like that, but have taken as a raw screenshot for a memory and have called it good. We did do a fair bit of posing for this, even brought out the LumiPro for it (which is always a treat), but somehow it just got backlogged. Well here we are again, old friend!


There’s so much I love about Mars, it’s hard to find a place to begin. You have two major factions down there–the D’naa, which are the native people, and VASC, which are the main military presence. Both squabble and fight and have been pushing on each other for ages. Sworn enemies. Explore IC and you’re liable to come back with a bullet hole somewhere making you look like a piece of swiss cheese! Even with the threat of getting jumped IC, it never fails to take my breath away–it’s a stunning landscape with so many nooks and crannies to uncover. Here are some of my previous photos I’ve taken on Mars:

Going through my folder just to find those–whew. I didn’t quite realise JUST how many I’ve taken there! Not to mention these ones are of Lemuria, which is a neutral halfway point between Dinetah and VASC’s Outpost 15 and Dinetah itself. Should I include some VASC photos? Oh, go on then! Ya twisted me arm!

Be sure to explore the hyperlinks on this post for any information or teleports to the locations in-game!


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