Morning Coffee – VIII

Sunday crept around fast! A mark of a good week, I’d say! You always tend to dwell and remember the ones that don’t go so well over the ones that do, I think. Or at least I do.


Came up to my computer to sit down and a photo still open on GIMP for some touching up. I’ll share the not-so-done one here with you since it’s pretty much there already. I’m happy with the lighting, colours, placement…all that. Just need to clean a few splotches up and it’ll be somewhere near my unattainable standards for Flickr :D.



Side note–a shame ‘Nomads’ didn’t do better for likes and things. I thought it was a really great photo and just can’t figure out what went wrong. I tend to post things that I would only give my likes to on the Flickr machine, and this one was no different–crisp colours that were vivid in their own right, something of a visual story taking place and a few tricks like the Martian sand kicking up to really seal the deal. But alas, didn’t satiate many’s thirst like it did mine. Oh well! Still striving for that 100+ mark on a photo someday! I’ll get there eventually…


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