Morning Coffee – XIII

So you know how I’ve been moaning the past couple entries about how hot it is here? Well would you be surprised that it’s only got hotter? I reckon this should be my last bout with bellyaching over it though–tomorrow there’s supposed to be some rain coming, then hopefully it’ll cool down a bit. Would be nice since I haven’t been able to be at my computer for two days (Sweltering in the computer room!).

I do have two neat things that have happened however! One, is that my real life wedding anniversary was yesterday and Tae bought me July’s Powder Pack as a gift. We’ll be flying out for a two week holiday on the 2nd, so I’m fixing to buckle down and get my unpacking post done in that small window. Two, in the list of neat things is this happened:

Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute Banner

I could contain my excitement here, but how cool is it that? Admittedly not the best photo to crop for a banner, but it’s the thought, right? It’s things like this that make me feel worthy to play the blogger. I think that one day I’d like to actually get sponsored somewhere and take the challenge on of blogging specifically for someone and their product. I think most sponsors are concerned with the amount of exposure their bloggers contain though (rightfully so)–so until that 100+ like mark hits on something, I don’t think i’ll be poking at anyone to take me in.

Finishing my coffee here and it’s starting warm up outside. 22C right now, but we’ll be looking to a scorching 31. Yay! See you all soon if I don’t melt before then!


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