Tears in the Rain


Head – Genesis Lab – Liu 2.0
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Hair – [DUE] – Yuka
Dress – r2 – Hentai Fair Uni (White)
Stockings – REIGN. – Kitty Stockings
Heels – Empire – Holly 2 Strap

Here is the link to the larger version of this photo


So I’ve been spending some time toying with the idea of sweat and rain and anything else that’s watery coming out in my photos. I decided to take the plunge and give it a go with this one. I think I could have done much more, but at this point we were going on day two (or has it been three?) of editing it. When I go that long at looking at something, I tend to go about 90% there with it then abandon it. I suppose I feel if i’m adding and changing everything for that long, that the photograph wasn’t that good in the first place.

This was great fun though. I stood in Central with LumiPro and just had a quiet time of it. The rain was the driving force–I don’t think I set out to take this particular photo at this time, but it was a chance opportunity that I wasn’t going to miss out on. The gravitational pull toward Central right now is immense as well. It’s been revamped with a new coat of paint and is irresistibly gorgeous.

I’m going to have an unboxing post for my Powder Pack on the 1st, but I fly out for holiday on the 2nd for two weeks. So I will miss you all!


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