Gotta Dash! Plus A Cheeky Morning Coffee

Here’s a bit of a process on my ‘Gotta Dash’ photo! 🙂 You have the original, where I was just scouting location (I liked it, but decided it was a bit meh for what I wanted), the second one, where I found said location and started to edit (so this one is untouched) and the last–the final product!

A huge fan of these bento poses people like Sweet Lovely Cute are putting out. It makes everything effortless, especially with the Simone head I use. The update for that was amazing too–love the new animations and how the neck movement is incorporated. I’m in love with LeLutka in this way–Catwa doesn’t seem to do it for me. When I look at a LeLutka head, it’s all a bit cookie cutter until you get into the skins–then it becomes really beautiful. With Catwa, I feel like i’m doomed to be a Sims character (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not playing Sims). Perhaps i’m missing something? I can’t say that I wouldn’t be successfully swayed if the right Catwa stuff came out. Anything is possible!

Aside from that, here is another photo process, if you will:

This is one I just posted on my Flickr called ‘Serpentine Pattern’. The really dark photo is the original and shows how far I had to go to get the end result. Also, in the second, after the lightening, you can see how it was cropped to achieve final cut. I think this one is a brilliant insight to the character of Nairn, but won’t do as well simply because of the banner crop I put on it. Oh whale! I much prefer the crop, and I suppose that’s all that matters 🙂


I quite enjoy when bloggers put up their photo processes. It’s important to see just how much work is put in, and that a lot of creativity is poured over the whole thing from start to finish. Doesn’t hurt to pick up a few tricks either! Hehe, cheers for listening to me rant!



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