A Sunday Evening

A photo dump to pave the way:


I think I’ll be posting one, if not two of these on my Flickr…even though I’m not totally sure how I feel about over-saturation. The look there with the mistress lass was too good though. She looks incredibly intimidating in the pixel flesh as well–definitely will be wearing it around!

On to a side note here. I wanted to address why there’s no Powder Pack post this month. I will be completely honest here–I wrote about half of it out, in exactly the same format as I have done, but stopped. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish. The products weren’t terrible, but I don’t think it was something that one would look forward to in a blind subscription service like this. When you sign up for something like this, first, you want to make your Lindens worth it, and second, you want the very best of a genre of product. I’ve been extremely happy in the past couple months, and I’m not too picky–no really, I mean that. I thoroughly dislike slagging people who work very hard off. But the thing is, work is done in real life to earn a translation to Lindens, and like any person, I like to get what they’re worth. It just seemed tired. I’m so very sorry to say that too.

I think another (personal) reason is that I feel like i’m witnessing the interest of quality wane. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen a Powder Pack Princess picked since July. I’ve tried VERY hard to be in this running, and to see a contest that isn’t even real happen is extremely disheartening. I could say it’s a personal grievance here, because it is, but what I’m seeing is other people miss out on the same thing that we’re all completing for. A contest being held, but no given prize. If they’ve decided not to hold the Princess photo contest anymore–fine. It’s not a worry. But you must act on that and hold true to your principles. Sigh. I promise you all that there’s no anger in my tone with this either. I will preorder next month’s Powder Pack and give it a proper chance just like the rest. However, the seed of doubt is now planted deep. Please prove me wrong, Powder Pack staff.


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