Routine Examination

Finally! After three days of carefully airbrushing Sixteen’s hair, i’m happy enough to share them with you. I still don’t feel like it’s the best. However, I do have to be honest: i’m chuffed a system skin (From Pink Fuel) can still look so well, and seamless with a mesh body.



“Em, right. Miss Sixteen, if you would just steady yourself on the table–this shouldn’t take but a moment.” Dr. Westing spoke whilst simultaneously fighting a stray strand of brunette hair and doubling back to the terminal across the way.

Sixteen sighed. If only this weren’t a thing. Interrupting valuable time to have a leisurely lay on a cold table. She grew increasingly annoyed at the thought of minutes being stolen away for something so seemingly trivial. After all, nothing had changed with the fabricant, and she was trustworthy enough to express that, right?

She blinked under the blinding examination lights, knowing damn well the answer.


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