Comin’ In Hot



Exclusively at XXX: A&Y Electra Cyber Legwarmers from A&Y Cybernetics

Perfect addition to your Electra-based wardrobe! Customization for the many different faces to make it uniquely yours–and gorgeous when a shine is put to it.

PoseBody Language Sweet Lovely Cute – SS Free Fall A
Hair – *barberyumyum*94
Top – A&Y Electra Cyber Top
Glove (Right hand)A&Y Electra Cyber Glove
Undies – [CX] The Iron Maiden Panty – Black
Shoes – Pixicat – Pixie Sneakers Nr2 – Black

Other bits:
Gun – [NR] DTEG – Gemini
Head – :::SOLE::: AAE  (Black)
Arm Band – :::SOLE::: SA – Arm Tech 5B (Black)
Midsection Add-on – :::SOLE::: SX2990-S49Z (Pure Black)
Backpack – Biomechanoid – The Backpack
Tattoo (Peeping out) – [KROVA] – Chevtatt


My Flickr


A&Y Mainstore // A&Y Marketplace

Taken at Insilico


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