Went through a few variations with this one, but knew I wanted to mold it around the Flores pose used here. The pose itself has this amazing motion to it, so I was instantly inspired to put her on a skyline. It’s good to be back doing some cyberpunk stuff after a bit of Christmas cheer, too!

In case you wondered, I totally named it after the SNES classic: Skyblazer 😀

Hair– tram – F1011
Top – {Ghoul} – Bara Top 
Arms – [omnis] – BlackWidow
Visor – :::SOLE::: – Visor NERVE 
Chest – :::SOLE::: – Central Core 
Backpack – :::SOLE::: – Backpack LB2 
Shoulders – :::SOLE::: – Pauldron KOURA
Waist – :::SOLE::: – Wrap Belt
Thighs – :::SOLE::: – Cuisses

Weapon – [The Forge] – Cypher Sword

Pose – FLORES Body & Soul – BlueBird Pose (MF) #Blooming


My Flickr

Forge Mainstore // Forge Flickr

Pose by


FLORES Body & Soul Mainstore // FLORES Body & Soul Flickr

Shot at Insilico


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