Happy Holidays!

Having some morning coffee here, but thought I would pop in and do a photo dump and wish you all a merry/happy whatever you celebrate! πŸ™‚ I’ve had a great Christmas myself here (as you can see by the lack of posts made). Anyway, enough flapping my gums, here you are!


Stay safe through the New Year — Lots of love ❀



Been enjoying a quiet week of work and taking photos around the place. Embracing the feel of creatures and their surrounding–I had the pleasure of acquiring this Merrow avatar from Cynefin. Had my eye on it for ages, but finally came in my possession and I must say i’m dead chuffed about it. It’s so strange and off the beaten path of what is normal, that it ends up being beautiful in the end. Throwing it on Mars couldn’t be a better match either–everything in the spore jungle complements it.

I ended up going with the darker version on the double there because of the stark contrast and how sinister it looked. I don’t really think the Merrow to be an evil race, but couldn’t help myself with the surroundings and how cool the glow looked.

As for the couple, working on something that was inspired by an artist named Andrew Mar that I ran across. An embrace, something where the two are holding each other close…that was the first pose I laid down and ended up taking that photo. I have many more to go through which can be quite exciting of a process to do!

Back to it though!–take care, my lovely.

Morning Coffee – XXVI

And by the grace of winter air, I’ve finally come down with a sore throat, cough and fever! Hooray! It looks like i’m the middle person in the family to catch it too, so one more to go before it’s finally out of the house.

That being said, my head has been all sorts of fuzzy this week, putting pretty much everything I normally do on pause. With an aching body, the last thing I fancy doing is sitting at my computer to write, play, or take photos unfortunately. But! I think i’m on the mend now, and with coffee in hand I’ll share with you what little I have done over the past few days πŸ™‚

Always working on a new way to utilize what I have, and this gorgeous mermaid tail is no different. I’ve been wanting to take a photo with the holographic colour-set, but haven’t quite worked out a look to match yet. It seems every time I go to suit up for the photo, I end up switching to a different colour to fit better. That’s not a terrible thing, but it does leave the holographic as a bit of a challenge.

I started out only having the shades colour set for the body scales, so I went out and purchased matching purple ones (easier to commit if I have the tools to do so!). I snapped the one on the right first with the longer hair, then went to switch it up. Always a mistake because now i’m quite torn between looks. The framing of the shot is one i’m not sure I can replicate again–the bench in the lower left and the statue above her fits perfectly in a bookmark scheme. Another problem I ran into was the Pumec skin I used–it fits with the head, but for some reason the body shows to be quite darker and out of place (left). Ah well. I think I will probably scrap this one and use the outfit again in a different shot when I have a bit more time and focus to do so. I think the most frustrating thing about Second Life photography is getting the camera and pose just right when you leave it and come back.

Well, time to retire to the sofa for the day! Plenty of Day Nurse and water and I should be fit as a fiddle in no time flat.

Morning Coffee – XXV

Well reader, it’s been a bittersweet holiday for me this time around. Took some doing to get my regular traction back, but hopefully i’m going to be on it soon enough again.

Black Friday sales on Second Life have been absolutely phenomenal the past couple years, and this one was no different. I made my way through Truth–took Tae on a shopping spree, Body Language Lovely Sweet Cute (My favourite pose maker!), tore Olive Hair up…that was BY FAR the best sale I saw (80% off! I bought the whole damn store!). I got a new skybox scene from Anxiety. Cleaned up a bit with ISON (They always have perfect work clothes for AGIS). And my biggest prize of all–a trip to Pink Fuel, whom undoubtedly remains my favourite skin designer.

The big purchase at Pink Fuel was a skin I’ve had my eye on since it was released. I didn’t miss my opportunity this time though and when I heard about the sale on, I knew exactly what I was I was after. The Sora skin was always a thing of beauty–strong eyebrows and a fierce face. The lady in the advert looks like someone you don’t want to mess with in any situation. Mochi Melina (creator of PF) had updated it to fit mesh with a polished touch.

So, naturally me being me, I snapped tons of photos rocking my new look:

A lot of lip biting going on there and I apologise for that! I planned on these all being unused and if anything going here or my Twitter…not a finished product, so I was trying to get the expression right (and did!). That’s a serious looking lady though! Love it ❀

Unfortunately the one place I did want to get in (especially to take Tae shopping) was the Blueberry/Vinyl sim. Every time they throw any sort of sale, the place gets rammed full and almost impossible to get into. We tried the cam sim, but it was so difficult to shop together that it quickly became not worth it, and consequently we left without getting anything :(. I even had tried to just gift the thing to her, be it pants or a shirt or whatever, and everything was so busy that even the gift system was lagging to the point of no response. Hopefully next time we’ll be one of the lucky ones to get in!

I think that just about wraps up my loosely written Black Friday report! Time to get the Christmas tree out of the loft and put some Chipmunks on for some decorating background music.

From my family to yours–happy start of the holiday season!

Morning Coffee – XXIV

A cold is going around my house right now, so everyone is feeling a bit on the lowsy side. I tend to grow sad when I don’t feel very well (I haven’t quite caught it yet, but i’m well in the queue–my eye decided to get a stye in it though!) so I thought I might take some sexy photos to starve it off. 1. Sexy makes me feel good for obvious reasons and 2. I usually take these alone and quietly, which peaceful = happiness.

Late Night Poke About

Didn’t have any agenda tonight, so just thought i’d play an easy game of dress-up! Resulting in some ‘colours of the wind’ looking mermaid photos.

I’m not the type of gal that buys something and just forgets about it. I don’t blog or get sponsored by anyone, so everything I purchase is totally up to me to enjoy. This Argrace hair was fairly priced, but not cheap…so i’m looking for any excuse to bring it out in different incarnations. Not bad though! These are all rawΒ in touch-ups (I tweaked colours slightly, but not a lot) so you can see how much work would go into smoothing out some strands. Debating right now if it’s worth it, because two out of the three are actually quite good snapshots. Hm. Reckon i’ll sleep on it. πŸ™‚

Routine Examination

Finally! After three days of carefully airbrushing Sixteen’s hair, i’m happy enough to share them with you. I still don’t feel like it’s the best. However, I do have to be honest: i’m chuffed a system skin (From Pink Fuel) can still look so well, and seamless with a mesh body.



“Em, right. Miss Sixteen, if you would just steady yourself on the table–this shouldn’t take but a moment.” Dr. Westing spoke whilst simultaneously fighting a stray strand of brunette hair and doubling back to the terminal across the way.

Sixteen sighed. If only this weren’t a thing. Interrupting valuable time to have a leisurely lay on a cold table. She grew increasingly annoyed at the thought of minutes being stolen away for something so seemingly trivial. After all, nothing had changed with the fabricant, and she was trustworthy enough to express that, right?

She blinked under the blinding examination lights, knowing damn well the answer.

Morning Coffee – XXIII

Been juggling some fun things lately, including writing for an event. I don’t wish to give too much away, but I think it’ll be a really good time on Mars and the city–incorporating the two seamlessly (that’s the hope!). We also have some roleplay starting up in Road Rumblers with some big ideas coming into play there. Really excited!

I was flying around Mars trying to find something in particular and was just…stunned at how gorgeous Lemuria is. I mean, it’s always been a real treat to look at–but my graphics were really putting the works on it. So I paused to take these beauties:

Absolutely effortless to snap. Stunning!

Working on something else here, and have been for two days photo-wise. I think it’ll be worth it in the end, and I’ve found myself quite committed to some serious airbrushing on some unruly mesh hair. I think it’ll turn out decent, perhaps not entirely the way I would like, but hey! I’m working with the abilities I have and hoping for the best! πŸ˜‰

Cheers everyone, have a lovely Tuesday!


My wonderful friend Cyerce and I got together last night and tried our hand at some cheeky photos. It’s really one of my first time having someone who isn’t actually in the room with me in real life (cough, Tae) whom I’ve directed around and taken a photo of. I’m hoping to get a bit better at making a scene with more than one person–it’s something besides portraits that i’m doing my best at to grow in.

Here we are, in all of our matching clothes glory. I didn’t airbrush any except for the lone portrait of Cyr herself, so please excuse any stray lines or cuts. πŸ™‚

I like how they look like trouble. Like there’s some gossip going on and they have the skinny on it all. These are definitely two gals I would keep a close eye on, if not just for being sexy. Thank you Cyerce for letting me take these!