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The Showcase: 
A&Y Lexa Latex Legwarmers from A&Y Cybernetics

Exclusively at RLD // Opens TODAY

I eventually popped the visor on her to separate her from the last lass (as a character). I assume this one to be more of a black widow type–complete with head to toe latex and a rifle as long as those gorgeous legs.

Skin – JJ – Android 2.0 Skin
Dress – A&Y – Lexa Latex Dress
Legs – A&Y – Lexa Latex Legwarmers
Shoes – A&Y – Opiliones Cyber Heels
Hair – *barberyumyum* – 94
Visor – kosmii – Etho Visor [Dark]
Cigarette[omnis] – Void Cig (Black)
Arms:::SOLE:: – SA – Armlet 90-JB (Black) & SA – Armtech Mk.2 (Black)
Belt – SISU – War Belt (Black)
Gloves – Izzie’s – Short Leather Glove Appliers

Pose – Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute – SS Pose Fine Sand A

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Pose by bllogo

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The Queen of War


The Showcase: 
A&Y Electra Cyber Bikini from A&Y Cybernetics

Exclusively at Good Vibes Fair Opens June 15th

It took some doing to get to the end result! Mainly because I was obsessed with the idea of getting the cape in there, but we all know how SL and capes work. They tend to, uh, not naturally curve over the body in certain (almost all) poses. The big challenge was getting it in there, in a dynamic pose without sacrificing how cool the look was. I think I sorted it out in the end quite nicely.

Also been thinking about these loosely similar band of women I’ve been making up lately. This last one really put me in the mindset of wanting to make an SL lady version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Might be a fun task to take up soon!

Top and Bottom –  A&Y Electra Cyber Bikini
Head – LeLutka Simone
Skin – [PF] <Alabaster> – Sora
– [PF] LeLutka Lipstick Applier <Black>
 – .ARISE. – Ela Brows (White)
A&Y Jetix (Black) & {aii} Hair Add On
Shrug – Wuzan – Mily Outfit (Jacket)
Cape –  Yasum – Geisha Long Coat (Mono Chrome)
– [omnis] – BlackWidow/2
Katana – [KI] – High Frequency Katana
Legs – A&Y – Electra Cyber Legwarmers
– :::insanya::: – D3mon1aZ

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Little Miss Dangerous


The Showcase: 
A&Y Lexa Latex Dress from A&Y Cybernetics

Exclusively at XXX


What a fun photo to take! I used Freefall A from Body Language SLC and tipped it so our lady here looking like she was sitting instead of curling on her side into a ball. Secretly (not so secretly) proud of using my brain muscles for that one! Also threw in some Powder Pack goodies from this month’s box which is always a plus.

– LeLutka Simone
Eyeshadow –
Luxrebel – Giselle Pack (Powder Pack May 2018)
– .ARISE. – Carol Makeup (Powder Pack September 2017)
– alaskametro<3 – Perfection Eyebrows (Powder Pack May 2018)
– Magika – Sweet
– kosmii – Etho Visor [dark]
Dress – A&Y Cybernetics – Lexa Latex Dress 
– [KROVA] – H-Shrug 
– Biomechanoid – The Backpack
– [omnis] – BlackWidow/2
– [NR] – BTEG_Gemini
– DRD – Frankenstomps [Monster]

Pose – Freefall A – Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute

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Pose by bllogo

Body Language SLC Mainstore // Body Language SLC Marketplace


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Powder Pack Unboxing – May 2018

As always, a few ground rules before we begin–

  • I will be honest with how I feel about the product, good or bad. I think it’s important to have this kind of feedback for the creators and consumers alike.
  • All the photos I post here will be raw and straight from in-game. No touch ups, nothing fancy other than the product itself.
  • Unfortunately I will not picture every option (as this would amount to endless) in shades of makeup or skin. I will be outfitting Nairn with what suits her best to give you a general idea of what’s included.
  • I will do my best to link everyone’s Flickr and any information I might think is useful to see more of what these brands have to offer.
  • I am not sponsored by any of these brands, including Powder Pack itself.

We will be starting on my blank base skin–Pink Fuel’s DollV2 <Crystal> for LeLutka, on my Simone, photographed with Strawberry Singh’s Closeups windlight:

#ADORED – BB Eyes – Unicorn Kisses Edition

A prismatic addition to my eye collection (that sounded more grotesque than what I was going for), Adored brings us unicorn inspired appliers for your LeLutka eyes, or Omega compatible peepers.


Alaskametro ❤ – Perfection Eyebrows, Bold Lipgloss, and Safari Eyeshadow

Big fan of Alaskametro as a whole, and it’s always a pleasure to unbox those lovely creations. The lipgloss feels lush with great coverage and blending. The eyebrows are my favourite–the arch is fantastic with a shaper included to give it a little lift. As always, some simple, but jazzy eyeshadows included. Great stuff!


Avi-Glam – Glam Eyes & Glam Makeup Set

Avi-Glam gives us some eyes and a full makeup palette to play with this month. The eyes are always a treat, well done and realistic. Both the eyes and lips feel like essentials in a collection, whether it’s to paint your whole face up or just throw on a bit of lipstick when you’re casually out and about on the grid.


Essences – Nicole

So I’ve only ever had a few people IM me with the line ‘What skin are you wearing?’ and every time ever, it’s been over an Essences skin. If I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with the eyebrows being so wonderfully and naturally grown out looking. It never fails to get me some compliments. However, Nicole seems to have a really specific lip pattern that I don’t think is a mistake, but still on the fence if it’s for me or not. It’s nothing that lipstick can’t mask if you don’t like it. It’s a far cry to say it ruins the skin on a whole–Essences makes some great looking ladies.


Luxrebel – Giselle Pack

A new brand to me, Luxrebel certainly makes an impression with these bold and glossy looks! Really great HUD–all in one, and looks exactly like how it applies–I’m loving the smoky and colourful eyeshadows for a unique spin. I love a good, realistic shine on lipgloss and Luxrebel nails it.


.MILA – Divine Glory Makeup, Odine Eyes, and Summer Freckles

Let me just say straight off–if you’re a fan of freckles, this feels like a must have in your collection. Two sets, with tintable layers makes it wildly easy to get what you want out of these wonderfully detailed appliers. That said, this was the first brand to frustrate me with oversized HUDs :(. I really don’t like to make a fuss about it, but it’s so nice when people have simplistic designs that can fit on your screen instead of just one at a time. I had to layer them to get them in, and even then it wasn’t the best. What I would like to say is that the photos for the ad are lovely–no fault there! It doesn’t make me love a brand any less–but keeps on being a pet peeve of mine.
The makeup was en pointe, but the eyes felt…under detailed? The darker colours seemed to be alright, like green and brown, but once I put on blue it felt like I was waiting for a texture to load. Perhaps that’s what Mila had in mind and I am the fool here.


[PUMEC] – Vita

Pumec is another skin creator that I can’t deny their talent with. A healthy cross-section of choices, you get April, December, February, January and May with LeLutka appliers, body appliers and system skin appliers. Oh, don’t forget a body and eyebrow shape. It’s the complete package for a gorgeous avatar!


SlackGirl  – Zaira Lashes and Eyes

SlackGirl generously gives us the Zaira appliers for LeLutka, Catwa and Akeruka (not familiar with that last one!). Although I can never quite get the jeweled lashes to work correctly, i’m always fascinated by the design and only hear good things. The Zaira eyes included are a very difference approach–a bit creepy and remind me of X-ray negatives…but you know me. I live for the unique.


Tres Beau – The Smoke Eyeshadow Collection

Oh. My. Word. Tres Beau slam dunks it this month with the trifecta of awesomeness for me–simple HUD, fantastic quality, and colourful options. I am NEVER let down by this brand and can’t get enough of what they put out. I think i’m always in awe at how good the textures actually are for the makeup–you can zoom in until your heart’s content and it remains flawless. My only complaint here is that it didn’t come with equally amazing matching lipstick (a weak complaint at that! :D)


I’m sad that it’s every other month, but always very pleased with what the designers come up with none the less! It does feel like the bi-monthly schedule allows for better quality, and i’m all for that. As always, a gentle moan about the giant HUDs–I reckon i’m just another nobody on the internet babbling away, but I do really believe it makes a difference and there are those of us who do notice it. I can’t fault the makeup itself alone on this principle and refuse to do so.

Aside from that, it’s important to note that upon launch three brands were not present: Colivati Beauty, Euphoric and Mai Bilario. As I sit here now and write this, the group is pinging on about how disappointed they are about this fact. As the errors imply server-side issues, it still doesn’t please an audible chunk of the fan base. I’m not too bothered by it–I know Powder Pack is good on it’s word for delivery, but it is a bit of a shame to not have a smooth roll-out.

Disclaimer (Another just for good measure!):
I am not a blogger for any of these brands, or for Powder Pack itself. I do this mainly as a future map for when i’m going back through my makeup as I find it to be a handy guide without all the guessing. My opinions are my own, and I with that I assure you I mean no harm in my constructive criticisms. ❤



Euphoric Amelia Lashes and Beauty Set

Mean Streets

Good morning! So I’ve been sitting on this one for a minute–I took a test shot and loved it so much (and got a great response from Twitter about ), that I decided instead of reshooting it that I would just layer it over a background.

This + This = 

I thought the disjointed layer looked punchy! I always fancy trying something new anyway 🙂

So after I took it, I couldn’t help but reminise about a Sega Genesis (Or Mega Drive for the Euro crowd!) game called Road Rash. The chain she’s swinging in the photo took me back to the good ‘ole days of full on stomping my sibling from their bike, sending them flying in a big ball of flame. Ah, video games! 

Helmet – -{Maru Kado} – Shishimai Helmet (Black)
Shrug – [KROVA] – H-Shrug (Black)
Top of Right Arm – :::SOLE::: SA – Armtech Mk.2 (Black)
Arms – [omnis] – Black Widow/2
TopA&Y Electra Cyber Top
LegsA&Y Electra Cyber Legwarmers
Knife – [KROVA] – We ❤ RP Gift Knife

Pose SS POSE Fighting Dance from Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute  at We ❤ RP


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Fun in the Sun

As the summer approaches, the need to catch some virtual rays comes to a lot of us. You can celebrate the warmer weather in style with A&Y’s Nexus Cyber Bikini— at 50% off! In addition to this amazing bikini is 50% off for all pink and blue in ‘Apparel’ section! This awesome offer ends the 13th of May, so head over to A&Y Cybernetics so you don’t miss out!

Once you’ve got the look, you can head over to the Summer Loving Hunt going on right now–plenty of prizes and things to find from some amazing creators!

– A&Y Cybernetics – Nexus Cyber Bikini
Hair/Hat – Truth – Taren
Umbrella – Kosmii – Cyber Wagasa
Face Bits – Krova – Face Stuff (Cheeks)
Wet Shine – Izzie’s – Wet Body & Face
Lips –  Adored – Smitten Lips – Bulletproof Love Edition


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Poses by 


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Modern Magic


The Showcase
Aoi from R2 Fashion at Collabor88
SS POSE Fighting Dance from Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute  at We ❤ RP


Hair – booN Cor.011 Hair Pieces
Eyes – *YS&YS* – Pris Eyes
Eyeshadow – SlackGirl – Priscila Shadow PP
Lips – Zibska – Arie Lips
Ears – ^^Swallow^^ – Pixie Ears
Glaive – [NR] – Energy Glaive (Cyan)

Shot at Neo Shoda, Insilico



R2 Fashion Mainstore


Body Language SLC Mainstore // Body Language SLC Marketplace