Powder Pack Unboxing – August 2017

As always, a few ground rules before we begin–

  • I will be honest with how I feel about the product, good or bad. I think it’s important to have this kind of feedback for the creators and consumers alike.
  • All the photos I post here will be raw and straight from in-game. No touch ups, nothing fancy other than the product itself.
  • Unfortunately I will not picture every option (as this would amount to endless) in shades of makeup or skin. I will be outfitting Nairn with what suits her best to give you a general idea of what’s included.
  • I will do my best to link everyone’s Flickr and any information I might think is useful to see more of what these brands have to offer.

We will be starting on my blank base skin–Pink Fuel’s DollV2 <Crystal> for LeLutka, on my Simone, photographed with Strawberry Singh’s Closeups windlight:


Give us a smile? No? Okay.

#adoredIlana – Chloe (LeLutka shape) and Swipe Right Shadow – Yas Queen Edition

#adored always have bright and colourful in their palettes, and this month was no different. What I enjoy the most about it is how the bold colours are placed. Under the eye, striking cat-liner. This one was based in the crease of your lid, which can create a very cool effect. I automatically assume if there’s a shape included, that it’s meant for the look the brand is trying to achieve. I had a look, happy enough with it until I noticed something….tiny. The ears! Was it a mistake? Was it because I slapped it on a Simone instead of Chloe? Goodness, I’ll have to get a micro telephone to answer any calls now.

.ARISE. – Stella Makeup Set

Nothing too assuming with the HUD. I can’t decide if I like the mystery of numbers instead of photo icons or not. What I do enjoy is the makeup that came out of it. The eyeshadow is simply stunning and paired with the lipsticks, are flawless. So many combinations reminded me of the disco era–full of shimmer and lights! Definitely made for a night on the grid.

Avi Glam (AG) – Lure Eyes and Lure Eyelashes

Some people purchase Powder Pack because they like skins, others lipsticks. What I seem to fall over backwards for is eyes. I don’t think I get more excitable then when I have a pair to toy around with. In the past packs, I’ve run across some amazing ones and it looks like i’m continuing doing just that! AG includes both black and white (tintable and not pictured) along with separate mesh eyes in case you don’t have a LeLutka head. Very savvy move, AG, and awesome product!

OHeMOPP Brows, Eyeshadows, Lashes, Lipsticks and Moles

Here we have OHeMO with a myriad of toggles to play with. I think it’s great that there’s basically a whole face kit here, but just like last month–there’s too much HUD. Five HUDs could have easily been condensed down, making more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. There are those of us who, albeit patient, tend to get increasingly frustrating trying to navigate through fiery hoops in a HUD gauntlet. It’s distracting, and so distracting that here I am talking about that instead of the product itself. Perhaps this lonely consumer will be listened to, but maybe not. But people do take note over these things, and even if it’s not a dealbreaker in buying the item–it certainly has power to sway opinion. Aside from that, well done on the interesting look, OHeMO–if you’re listening.


Always really enjoyed the work that Essences puts in, and i’m hardly ever disappointed. This month was the same with a neat little skin called Grazia. It comes with the eyebrow shape, a shape for Chloe (which again, I put it on my Simone). I really enjoy the darker skin tones on this one–they’re rich and full of vibrancy.


Modish is another brand to me that never fails to deliver. Their consistency with what they do lets me know I can rely on that quality. A few combinations here, but the eyeshadows are the real star of the show. Shading is done beautifully paired with your standard ‘party girl’ colours. I think with the lipsticks I would play a bit and fade them in and out. It’s important to remember that when designers make makeup, especially lipsticks, that it’s always going to be a gamble down to the person with how it fits. Pop some shimmer in there, and have a go at creating your own look with it!

[MUDSKIN]You Are My Universe 

I think i’m hitting the eye jackpot this month! Mudskin gives us these rather gorgeous, spacey looking eyes that are for any day of the week. However, it’s a LeLutka eye applier stand alone product. So if you have system, need omega…I think you’ll be out of luck with this one.

.:[PUMEC]:.Lena Skin Set

Speaking of HUDs–this one couldn’t make me salivate more from a graphic design perspective than if someone were to double tab Comic Sans out of existence. Dead easy and straight to the point, no messing. I love how all the body appliers are in one as well. A lot of brands will make you triple unpack things and that can get a bit tiring (not to mention all the inventory clean up later!). The shape this time was meant for Simone, and offered a unique pairing with the skin itself. Really lovely stuff, Pumec.

Slack Girl ::SG::LowLine and Priscila Shadow

Slack Girl is an absolute CHAMPION of eyeshadows this month! These drop-dead gorgeous liners and shadows are everything a creative piece of makeup should be. Not only is the shine of the liner spot on, it does what any amazing makeup set up will do–plays with the contours to create an entirely different look and feel to that part of one’s face. This pack is simply amazing, and I can already tell it will be a favourite for a long time to come!

Studio ExposureRainbow Unicorn Eyeshadow and Lipglossy

Another amazing brand that I can’t say enough about. Studio Exposure seems to put these pre-determined makeup combinations together that will wow anyone. They have the realism of texturing so down to a science, that even without a projector in the room, your lips will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. Everything is seamless and there’s no messing about with any HUDs. In fact, when you attach the makeup, it automatically applies then what little you did see of the HUD vanishes into midair. Magic. Here I have pictured every combination they provided which is quite rare for me to do.

The FaceRuby

This month The Face provides us with a very specific look. Angular and contoured, Ruby only comes in one shade–Amber, and with a small variety of options to customize her. The eyeshadows are lovely with the lipsticks and overall very well done. I don’t think this would be an everyday skin for me, but would certainly make for a nice photograph.

ZibskaIone, Laryn, Pala, Sal

Amazing! It’s almost like someone answered my SL HUD prayers! Zibska’s makeup loaded in right where you see it there, all four, neatly placed. I could give Zib Scaggs a massive hug for that one 🙂 Never disappointing, and always including a massive amount of choices, Zibska plays up every feature of your face, down to the blush on your cheekbones. Honestly, it’s a good thing this one is always last for me to unpack–because I always get engrossed playing around with it for far too long! Top job, Zibska!


This month had it’s ups and downs for me, but mostly ending on a positive note. I think it’s not a move of weakness to listen to your customers, as they pay you tenfold back for whatever it is you choose to do. Even for a small little voice on the grid/internet such as myself–when people open their ear to me, it doesn’t go unnoticed. I can’t say there was anything in the bad category this month, but with anything in life there’s always room for improvement. Thank you designers, and I will see you next month!


Heat Wave/IMP

Working on some Insilico Metro Police posters for the sim–here’s the stand alone shots, and here’s with the banners:

Pretty excited about these! If you’d like to know more information about joining up (we’re taking recruits!) IM me in-world (Riowyn Resident) 🙂

Digital Bath


Spent some time on this one trying to get the booster’s heat right. I don’t think I hit it a hundred percent, but never the less, it’s a nice start for something I’ve never done. A few highlights added, but not much. Most of what I did here was in the colour–usually I go with bright and bold and I was trying so hard to convince myself to stick with a slate palette this time over. I also can’t tell if she gets lost in the background, but that’s up for the viewer to decide, I reckon. Fun photo to do despite any grumbles stated…the Utilizator body is seamless for these types of things. One of my favourite mesh items ever.

Powder Pack Unboxing – July 2017

It’s that time again to unbox! Just barely squeezing this in before my two week holiday. After this I will be packing to leave (ironic with all the unpacking i’m about to do in-world) and away I’ll go!


A few ground rules before we begin–

  • I will be honest with how I feel about the product, good or bad. I think it’s important to have this kind of feedback for the creators and consumers alike.
  • All the photos I post here will be raw and straight from in-game. No touch ups, nothing fancy other than the product itself.
  • Unfortunately I will not picture every option (as this would amount to endless) in shades of makeup or skin. I will be outfitting Nairn with what suits her best to give you a general idea of what’s included.
  • I will do my best to link everyone’s Flickr and any information I might think is useful to see more of what these brands have to offer.

We will be starting on my blank base skin–Pink Fuel’s DollV2 <Crystal> for LeLutka, on my Simone, photographed with Strawberry Singh’s Closeups windlight:


Somebody hasn’t had their morning coffee yet!


Just like last time–#adored is our first brand!

In this pack we have the Mosh Queen Liner – Summer Festival Edition and Blush 

Always bright and beautiful with the colours #adored puts in–I’m a huge fan of their eyeshadows. Since I’ve been wearing my real life eye liner just like the purple pictured above, it’s hard not to instantly love everything about it. Being a kid from the eighties, I always watched my mother cake on the blush, so this one has a special place in my heart right off the bat. This pack has an omega applier included.

Then we have Alaska Metro with “Leeta” eyebrows and “Lumina” makeup palette

Wow, I was properly impressed with the eyeshadows in the Lumina palette. They’re all just absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. Problem with that is I want to stop here and just wear them about now. The matching lipsticks are lovely shades as well–they go very nicely with the eyeshadows themselves. They do change the shape of your lips through shading, which brings me to the eyebrows in Leeta. You’re given a shape and the applier. Great texture to the eyebrows themselves, and I love the darker tints. My favourite here would most definitely be that first photo with the teal and lime–stunning! Great kit, alaskametro<3!

Amara BeautySylvia

If you haven’t picked yourself up a skin from Amara, I really suggest that you do. Such beautiful work put into these and I’ve never seen one I didn’t like. It’s a real treat that this brand does what it does for the Powder Pack. Here you can see I’ve picked out a lighter tone and a darker one, paired with different brows so you can see the range that this HUD provides.

A R T ECutie Eyebrows, Evening Glam Eyeshadow and Lashes

I believe this is my first go with this brand. Some really wonderful work with the whole ensemble, I must say. The eyelashes are my favourite here, I think–I’ve never been bothered too much with switching them up on my regular skin. I usually leave my eyeshadow up to the job of highlighting my eyes. But these are great–and paired with everything else are simply fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of the style of eyebrows in real life, but for this one it works very, very well.


So this one I have mixed feelings on. Upon opening it up, (and lets just say my memory isn’t the sharpest in the world) I could swear that this skin has a striking resemblance to the last one I received from Egozy. Nothing bad to say about the skin itself–I actually used it in a photo I took and really enjoyed the look of it. The lipsticks are always nice for the skin itself too, some bright bold colours. I tried on the shape, and I must say it kind of freaked me out. I became physically imposing on my screen, and wasn’t a huge fan of how the eyes were placed. Reminds me of The Sims. Good work aside from that Egozy!


Right, so this highlighted a lot that leaves me unsure of, well, many things really. Let me start off with saying the quality is good, but execution could have been better. What really took me away from the makeup itself were the excessive HUDs. I’m very aware that you’re able to stretch these around how you see fit, but I believe if you get a whole pack of makeup, every HUD should be able to fit on the screen so you can toggle without detaching and reattaching everything at a crazy rate. I understand that creators wish to show their brand’s personality in the HUDs themselves too, but the same care and thought should be put in as in the makeup itself. Above you can see every HUD in the folder at once and Nairn looking not amused. Not to mention if I wanted to do my best Tammy Faye, it would be only a couple clicks away:


Interesting shape included with this one. Not sure if I would use it–I like my girls to have a little extra meat on their bones. I do like the pubic hair, but the paired with the shape it looks a bit too young for me. When a creator includes a shape, I feel like that’s what they intend for their vision of the skin…like a master chef getting upset with any added spices: they make and present it that way for a reason.

For reference, here’s the skin with Simone (which i’m naughty and quite like.) Great eyebrows though, love those.



Another curiously shaped skin. The face on the shape is great–almond eyes fit the skin really nicely, but the rest of it is interesting and would need some adjusting. Especially in the shoulders and hands. I included what it would look like on Simone, but honestly prefer the face shape that Modish provided.

[Mudskin]Signature LeLutka Eye Collection

These are absolutely brilliant. I’m a HUGE sucker for eyes. I love them especially when they’re well done. I can’t believe all the choices that Mudskin gave us–nothing much to say here other than i’m over the moon about these. Fab!

Slack GirlParty Baby Lashes and Sweet Baby Lashes

Very straightforward with this one! Slack Girl does some lovely stuff, and I quite like these lashes as well. Not sure what separates them from the Tammy Faye look like above, but I feel like these took more of an artsy approach. Very cool.

Studio ExposureKittycat Pocket Kit

Another no messing around one, is this! I really, really like how Studio Exposure auto applied when you attached the HUD. It happens to quickly, that I didn’t even get it in the shot. That’s the kind of no nonsense I like! Some great makeup combinations as well, love that killer eyeshadow!

ZibskaAlyssa, Ayame and Ilara

I am such a massive fan of Zibska’s weirdness. I can’t get enough of how unique this brand really is. It’s a treat that the name itself begins with a ‘Z’, saving the best for last always. Always so many options and things to play with–it’s impossible to show them all! I could spend quite a long time just on these HUDs alone. The makeup really speaks for itself.


In all, a great month. The bad centered around poor HUDs, which is unfortunate because the makeup provided can be great, but mucked around by the HUD itself. I can see people getting frustrated, not knowing exactly how to manipulate them across their screen and that’s a major let down. Aside from that, some seriously great makeup this month. I look forward to the next Powder Pack!



Tears in the Rain


Head – Genesis Lab – Liu 2.0
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Hair – [DUE] – Yuka
Dress – r2 – Hentai Fair Uni (White)
Stockings – REIGN. – Kitty Stockings
Heels – Empire – Holly 2 Strap

Here is the link to the larger version of this photo


So I’ve been spending some time toying with the idea of sweat and rain and anything else that’s watery coming out in my photos. I decided to take the plunge and give it a go with this one. I think I could have done much more, but at this point we were going on day two (or has it been three?) of editing it. When I go that long at looking at something, I tend to go about 90% there with it then abandon it. I suppose I feel if i’m adding and changing everything for that long, that the photograph wasn’t that good in the first place.

This was great fun though. I stood in Central with LumiPro and just had a quiet time of it. The rain was the driving force–I don’t think I set out to take this particular photo at this time, but it was a chance opportunity that I wasn’t going to miss out on. The gravitational pull toward Central right now is immense as well. It’s been revamped with a new coat of paint and is irresistibly gorgeous.

I’m going to have an unboxing post for my Powder Pack on the 1st, but I fly out for holiday on the 2nd for two weeks. So I will miss you all!

Morning Coffee – XV

Hello everyone! As I sit here and write this, i’m a bit bummed out. This morning I decided to visit the Second Life 14 Event. I keep seeing these amazing photos of a giant foo dog, and being a big fan of the imagery, I wanted to see it in the virtual flesh.

I should say that right off the bat I expected some lag. As you do with events and the like. Right now, it’s the norm for me to derender everyone (sorry if I’ve ever bumped into you–it was unknowingly, I promise!) and knock down my graphics. Sometimes I can get away with not doing either if it’s smartly put together, but this isn’t often. As Tae says “Everyone wants their stuff to be the best stuff”, and this holds very true to Second Life creations. High land impacts and sparkling textures put such a strain on my computer…and it’s no slouch in the graphical department. I could do with some upgrades in the future, but my guess is the average SL user falls in that very average level with me. Our computers aren’t rubbish, but they’re not loaded with the most cutting edge technology. This is also what worries me about Sansar…but that’s for another time.

Right, so this is what I’m seeing from high up. Cheers for turning on flying capabilities LL.


I want to walk around, I want to explore. But the amount of things going on makes it almost impossible. If I were to animate this in real time, you would see how hard everything is chugging on my screen. Moaning aside, I got a quick snap of my giant foo dog:


That thing is massive. Absolutely mind bendingly huge. It’s glorious. I love it so much. I believe there’s a concert venue on it’s back, which makes it even more cool. Just stunning. Well done to whomever meshed that out! Incredible!

General complaining aside from my end, the event really did look like a fun time to trot around in. I wish I could have experienced it like some others can. I feel like events like this should showcase exactly how far SL has come, technologically and visually. I don’t know much about it, but I assume Linden Lab has it well within their power and influence to hire some amazing creators out there for every detail. Teleporting away, I was left with a bittersweet feeling about not being able to participate in something I love so much.

Happy birthday to Second Life–the face that launched a thousand ships!