Powder Pack Princess

It’s that time again! Got the pack, loved it, blogged it–now i’m working to win the Powder Pack contest. If you’re crowned Princess, you get three months free. Oh, how I would adore that!



Head – LeLutka Bento Head – Simone
SkinAltelier Pepe – Suzie (Light)
Eyes.MILA  – Wet eyes
EyeshadowPink Fuel – Diamond Shine eyeshadow
Eyelashes.euphoric – Janet Lashes
BrowsColivati Beauty
LipsPink Fuel – Diamond Shine lipstick

Kimono – *AGATA* – Youen / B (Currently at Japonica)

*There are no post touch-ups on the face, or makeup*

Taken at Neo Shoda, Insilico



I took this photo from all the stuff in my Powder Pack, hope you like it! I’ll repost the credits below as they look on my Flickr 🙂


(*PP*) = Only found in the Powder Pack

Head – LeLutka Bento Head – Simone
Skin – Pumec – Anna – February (*PP*)
Eyes – .MILA – Wet Eyes (*PP*)
Eyelashes – .euphoric – Janet Lashes (*PP*)
Brows – .MILA – Eyebrows Pack (*PP*)
Hair – Magika – Fight Sleep
Scales – Cynefin – Body Scales – Red
Tail – Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail (*Pose used in photo came in the fatpack)
Tank Top – Nani – Dreamy Pond – Wet Set 6

Other bits:
Fishies (Plus mug) – Nani – Dreamy Pond – Cup of Fish & Goldfish 1
Sakuras – +Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – White

*There are no post touch-ups on the face, or makeup*


As always, a few ground rules before we begin–

  • I will be honest with how I feel about the product, good or bad. I think it’s important to have this kind of feedback for the creators and consumers alike.
  • All the photos I post here will be raw and straight from in-game. No touch ups, nothing fancy other than the product itself.
  • Unfortunately I will not picture every option (as this would amount to endless) in shades of makeup or skin. I will be outfitting Nairn with what suits her best to give you a general idea of what’s included.
  • I will do my best to link everyone’s Flickr and any information I might think is useful to see more of what these brands have to offer.
  • I am not sponsored by any of these brands, including Powder Pack itself.

We will be starting on my blank base skin–Pink Fuel’s DollV2 <Crystal> for LeLutka, on my Simone, photographed with Strawberry Singh’s Closeups windlight:Snapshot_003.png

First, we have #ADOREDDollipop Shadows (Recollection Edition), and Smitten Lips (Bulletproof Love Edition)

As I struggle to wake up over my coffee, my morning is instantly brightened by #ADORED’s candy flavoured palette. The lipsticks are bright, bold and so wonderfully done every time. The teal and green were especially amazing to me–these wild and out of world colours pair with some seriously good shadows as well. You have a dabbling of purple, green, pink–with incandescent spicing up the bunch. I do appreciate amongst the party on my face here–is that a plain shadow was included too. Fantastic job, #ADORED.

Altelier Pepe – Suzie (Light and Spring)

This month from Altelier Pepe, we’re given two gorgeous skins. The HUDs, are slick, straight to the point and easy to navigate, which I love. You have the choice between two shades, Light and Spring. Not usually a massive fan of included shapes (Maybe it’s because you tend to get used to staring at your own avatar to much), but this was such a wonderful compliment to the skins themselves.  The only problem I have with this set is that it’s the head appliers only–I don’t think I’ve done a Powder Pack in the past that didn’t include the body appliers. I know they aren’t required to include, but it’s still a bit of a bummer. Instead, you’re given a notecard to the mainstore informing you that the body appliers are only available there. I’ll let you make what you want of that. Otherwise, great look!

Amara BeautyKarissa skin with lipstick appliers

A solid Powder Pack contender, Amara Beauty tends to deliver some really stunning skins. For this one, I switched back to my normal shape, with eyebrows (LeLutka default shape for Simone–I’m so original, I know).

Omega body appliers included, tidy HUDs to where all three can fit on your screen at once, and spoiled with a lipstick applier as well. Great in light, dark or medium. Brilliant!

Alaskametro<3Glaze lipgloss, Glow highlighter and Limelight eyeshadow

I appreciate the subtlety of makeup as well as the bold. Alaskametro gives us a taste of both worlds through the bright, ballroom colours of her eyeshadows, classic shades of lipsticks that seem to go with whatever you pair them, and a kiss on the cheekbones type of highlighter, tinted in some really fun shades. The makeup is fantastic, and a true testament to her talent in making it. The only gripe I have is the massive HUDs (always going on about this, are we!). My theory is that when you get a set of makeup (Lips, eyes, etc) together, people tend to want to flip between the different looks with everything loaded onto their screen. The HUD itself is a really creative and cute eyeshadow palette, but nearly too large to fit on my screen in one go. Aside from my moaning, this is a quality product–one that leads me to Alaskametro’s store to snoop around for more awesome appliers.

Colivati BeautyEyeshadow, eyebrows, and lipstick appliers

Colivati Beauty is a brand that I’ve been hearing a bit of buzz about lately, but haven’t run across it face to face (See what I did there?). My introduction included four of everything: eyeshadow, eyebrows and lipsticks. As you can see, Nairn looks a bit…bold with the darker coloured brows, but I really like the shape of them, and the rest of the makeup is en pointe. Cute pocket looks, practically matched up for your applying enjoyment. Going to have to keep an eye out for some more Colivati Beauty stuff now!


A solid staple of the Powder Pack as I’ve come to know it–Essences always delivers a fantastic skin, with pretty versatile options. Not so sure it went well with my default shape–looking at the advert for Nadia, I think it would take some adjusting to get that look. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this one. I really love how creators have been including real life touches and imperfections to their skins–Nadia has little bags under her eyes. They don’t feel like their due to tiredness or anything like that, but a tool to add to the personality of the skin itself. I also really like how Essences makes their skins with pubic hair. It’s the little things.

.euphoricJanet eyes and lashes

Right off the bat, i’m excited over this one–eyes are my FAVOURITE item in Second Life! I’m always so happy when a Powder Pack includes them.

Lots of colours in the eyes to choose from, mismatch how you like. The lashes are ridiculously good–I love the feathery, separated shape, giving a dramatic look even when you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

.MILACat Eye, Eyebrows and Wet eyes packs

.MILA absolutely spoils us with a full face kit this month. The Cat Eyes are crisp and well done, and in addition to that, there’s two eyelash appliers included, but not credited. The eyes are perfect with the look, and the eyebrows compliment without being too overpowering. I spent quite a while playing around with the options in this one–each combination making me do a little “Ooh.” Top notch, .MILA!

Pink FuelDiamond Shine lipstick and eyeshadow

Without a doubt, people know what kind of product they’re getting when it has the Pink Fuel name attached. Every Powder Pack that Pink Fuel has taken part in, I find myself coming back and using every product she so carefully crafts over and over again. The Diamond Shine collection holds true to that standard of excellence that the brand has solidified. Bold and immaculate, I can’t say enough about this set in the way of it being simply amazing. I think in a lot of ways, it would be worth purchasing Powder Pack just to see Pink Fuel’s participation. Stunning.

[PUMEC]Anna skin set

Holy heck. I am in love. Anna comes with six different skin shades, plus body appliers, plus shape, plus system skins. I took most of the photos in my default shape, the last photo (Darkest skin) being in the shape that Pumec provided. Fresh faced and absolutely flawless–Anna will be a skin I come back to in the future quite a bit. You have the choice to two different shades on the eyebrows–a lighter and darker (and a no eyebrows version as well). Jaw-droppingly good, this one.

SlackGirlLash Collection

SlackGirl’s products always remind me to have fun with the makeup I choose in Second Life, never failing to bring out a young and flirty look. These lashes come in all sorts of bold shapes, with the fantastic upside of being tintable as well.

Tres BeauThe Mystery Lips Collection

Rounding off March’s Powder Pack with a strong finish–Tres Beau gives us some night on the town neutrals. A really nice set that’s bound to look good on any skin tone, Tres Beau hits the mark. I find myself investigating their other products now, based on these hot lips. (That sounded weird, but you know what I mean!)

Overall, March had a few hangups, but in the end delivered some amazing quality products with fantastic talent across the board. Very happy with this pack, and am proud of all the designers that put their hearts into the things they create. Please don’t forget to explore their Flickrs to check out their other products as well! 🙂 Take care and have a great St. Patrick’s Day everyone!



Morning Coffee – XXVII

Time to dust this thing off! It’s been since December and I’ve properly neglected my poor blog. Not to say a lot hasn’t been going on–we’ve changed all sorts in the city, I’m always taking photos, and the RP has got juicy. Without further ado, here’s a little photo dump:

I’ve been mainly focusing on letting my RP character Nairn blossom within the criminal organisation–Shinigami. I find it to be a great honour both IC and OOC to participate in such a well planned and thought out idea. Plus, it’s an absolute blast playing her.

As for the city, we’ve release a new meter! It’s downright brilliant. You can now earn prestige and credits straight into the meter, transfer assets through ATMs and get paid for IC jobs! Stark has also put the infamous monorail back in for action, the depots high above city ground. Such a good feature to get around and see the sights. Oh, and the docks have been souped up too! There’s just so much that changes from day to day for the better–makes me a happy bunny.

Confession! I was reminded to come back here because I signed up for the Lelutka Powder Pack and was poking around in my inventory at old makeups and items. My blogs were a guide so I wasn’t lost (lol). I’ll be blogging it on the 15th when it comes out, if not to serve any other purpose than to help my daft brain navigate around the folders. 🙂


Cheers everyone! 

Happy Holidays!

Having some morning coffee here, but thought I would pop in and do a photo dump and wish you all a merry/happy whatever you celebrate! 🙂 I’ve had a great Christmas myself here (as you can see by the lack of posts made). Anyway, enough flapping my gums, here you are!


Stay safe through the New Year — Lots of love ❤


Been enjoying a quiet week of work and taking photos around the place. Embracing the feel of creatures and their surrounding–I had the pleasure of acquiring this Merrow avatar from Cynefin. Had my eye on it for ages, but finally came in my possession and I must say i’m dead chuffed about it. It’s so strange and off the beaten path of what is normal, that it ends up being beautiful in the end. Throwing it on Mars couldn’t be a better match either–everything in the spore jungle complements it.

I ended up going with the darker version on the double there because of the stark contrast and how sinister it looked. I don’t really think the Merrow to be an evil race, but couldn’t help myself with the surroundings and how cool the glow looked.

As for the couple, working on something that was inspired by an artist named Andrew Mar that I ran across. An embrace, something where the two are holding each other close…that was the first pose I laid down and ended up taking that photo. I have many more to go through which can be quite exciting of a process to do!

Back to it though!–take care, my lovely.

Morning Coffee – XXVI

And by the grace of winter air, I’ve finally come down with a sore throat, cough and fever! Hooray! It looks like i’m the middle person in the family to catch it too, so one more to go before it’s finally out of the house.

That being said, my head has been all sorts of fuzzy this week, putting pretty much everything I normally do on pause. With an aching body, the last thing I fancy doing is sitting at my computer to write, play, or take photos unfortunately. But! I think i’m on the mend now, and with coffee in hand I’ll share with you what little I have done over the past few days 🙂

Always working on a new way to utilize what I have, and this gorgeous mermaid tail is no different. I’ve been wanting to take a photo with the holographic colour-set, but haven’t quite worked out a look to match yet. It seems every time I go to suit up for the photo, I end up switching to a different colour to fit better. That’s not a terrible thing, but it does leave the holographic as a bit of a challenge.

I started out only having the shades colour set for the body scales, so I went out and purchased matching purple ones (easier to commit if I have the tools to do so!). I snapped the one on the right first with the longer hair, then went to switch it up. Always a mistake because now i’m quite torn between looks. The framing of the shot is one i’m not sure I can replicate again–the bench in the lower left and the statue above her fits perfectly in a bookmark scheme. Another problem I ran into was the Pumec skin I used–it fits with the head, but for some reason the body shows to be quite darker and out of place (left). Ah well. I think I will probably scrap this one and use the outfit again in a different shot when I have a bit more time and focus to do so. I think the most frustrating thing about Second Life photography is getting the camera and pose just right when you leave it and come back.

Well, time to retire to the sofa for the day! Plenty of Day Nurse and water and I should be fit as a fiddle in no time flat.

Morning Coffee – XXV

Well reader, it’s been a bittersweet holiday for me this time around. Took some doing to get my regular traction back, but hopefully i’m going to be on it soon enough again.

Black Friday sales on Second Life have been absolutely phenomenal the past couple years, and this one was no different. I made my way through Truth–took Tae on a shopping spree, Body Language Lovely Sweet Cute (My favourite pose maker!), tore Olive Hair up…that was BY FAR the best sale I saw (80% off! I bought the whole damn store!). I got a new skybox scene from Anxiety. Cleaned up a bit with ISON (They always have perfect work clothes for AGIS). And my biggest prize of all–a trip to Pink Fuel, whom undoubtedly remains my favourite skin designer.

The big purchase at Pink Fuel was a skin I’ve had my eye on since it was released. I didn’t miss my opportunity this time though and when I heard about the sale on, I knew exactly what I was I was after. The Sora skin was always a thing of beauty–strong eyebrows and a fierce face. The lady in the advert looks like someone you don’t want to mess with in any situation. Mochi Melina (creator of PF) had updated it to fit mesh with a polished touch.

So, naturally me being me, I snapped tons of photos rocking my new look:

A lot of lip biting going on there and I apologise for that! I planned on these all being unused and if anything going here or my Twitter…not a finished product, so I was trying to get the expression right (and did!). That’s a serious looking lady though! Love it ❤

Unfortunately the one place I did want to get in (especially to take Tae shopping) was the Blueberry/Vinyl sim. Every time they throw any sort of sale, the place gets rammed full and almost impossible to get into. We tried the cam sim, but it was so difficult to shop together that it quickly became not worth it, and consequently we left without getting anything :(. I even had tried to just gift the thing to her, be it pants or a shirt or whatever, and everything was so busy that even the gift system was lagging to the point of no response. Hopefully next time we’ll be one of the lucky ones to get in!

I think that just about wraps up my loosely written Black Friday report! Time to get the Christmas tree out of the loft and put some Chipmunks on for some decorating background music.

From my family to yours–happy start of the holiday season!

Morning Coffee – XXIV

A cold is going around my house right now, so everyone is feeling a bit on the lowsy side. I tend to grow sad when I don’t feel very well (I haven’t quite caught it yet, but i’m well in the queue–my eye decided to get a stye in it though!) so I thought I might take some sexy photos to starve it off. 1. Sexy makes me feel good for obvious reasons and 2. I usually take these alone and quietly, which peaceful = happiness.

Late Night Poke About

Didn’t have any agenda tonight, so just thought i’d play an easy game of dress-up! Resulting in some ‘colours of the wind’ looking mermaid photos.

I’m not the type of gal that buys something and just forgets about it. I don’t blog or get sponsored by anyone, so everything I purchase is totally up to me to enjoy. This Argrace hair was fairly priced, but not cheap…so i’m looking for any excuse to bring it out in different incarnations. Not bad though! These are all raw in touch-ups (I tweaked colours slightly, but not a lot) so you can see how much work would go into smoothing out some strands. Debating right now if it’s worth it, because two out of the three are actually quite good snapshots. Hm. Reckon i’ll sleep on it. 🙂