Special Edition Morning Coffee

Hoooooooly shit.


Let me just put that out there right now. Guess what?

I won in the Fallen Gods photo contest

I woke up this morning to see that the contest had been closed and the results were in. A funny thing about this–after submitting, telling my friends to vote, putting it out there there on Twitter, I purposely stopped pay attention to any numbers. I don’t like to get my hopes up on anything for fear of losing (always have been like that), so you can imagine my sheer surprise when I had my reward waiting for me in an IM.

I knew there were a couple categories that the photo was to be judged in automatically–most popular (that’s the one that was easy to be focused on, since that’s the one I was sending people to vote for), best style, best artwork….out of all of these, I won in the Best Artwork category, which I think is such an amazing honour. I put a lot of thought and love into my photos and someone recognised that.


I meant to write last night as well, but it got late and before I knew it I was falling asleep over my keyboard. Wanted to share some recent photos I’ve been taking that i’m quite proud of. Most of these won’t see the light of day on my Flickr account and are just for fun. Been going through a nudity phase presently as well–so avert your eyes if you tend to find that offensive.

The Nairn ones turned out gorgeous I think. Really plays into who she is as a character. That tired, worn look on her face, but the grace is still there, still swinging around that pole and gyrating because it’s her job to do so. I tend to play such tragic people in roleplay, and she is certainly no different. The other lass here was just a random look I put together and really liked. I made that shape, which I think in that first wideshot is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

And these are the two that have made it to Flickr, just for good measure!


Have a great day everyone! I know I will 🙂


Morning Coffee – XXI


Just popping my head in to give a little update. Been really busy with real life lately–participating in Inktober has really ate up my free time in the day. I only have so much to split between school runs, house jobs, Flickr photos, ect :p

But I hope you’ve been well! I’ve taken plenty of photos since we’ve spoke last–and what I think are some pretty good ones! I like to have a sense of pride in my own work, with plenty of humility involved. Here are some good’uns:

I’ve also been really excited over this bento mermaid tail that recently got released. Here are some of that gem:

Got super lucky and caught the release, so there was a special offer on the fatpack. And with the fatpack came a ton of poses and stuff, so I’ve been having a whale of a time fishing out these photos 😀

Pun City: Population – Me

Anywho! I should check in more often with you since this train never really stops moving. Take care and have a great day out there–half way through the week already!

Morning Coffee – XX

Been a bit busy for fumbling around Second Life lately. I did some graphic design work, and signed up for a charity to shave my head for cancer support, which I’ve been focused on. I did take some really nice photos on the sim–The Bay Reborn though. Here they are, including the finished Flickr cut:


Oh! I almost forgot–I took some photos of my friends which they really liked and posted on their own respective Flickrs. I find it to be an honour that they liked them so much to post them. Here is Cailin’s Flickr, and Maz’ Flickr, and below are the photos I took 🙂


Have a lovely Friday everyone!


A Sunday Evening

A photo dump to pave the way:


I think I’ll be posting one, if not two of these on my Flickr…even though I’m not totally sure how I feel about over-saturation. The look there with the mistress lass was too good though. She looks incredibly intimidating in the pixel flesh as well–definitely will be wearing it around!

On to a side note here. I wanted to address why there’s no Powder Pack post this month. I will be completely honest here–I wrote about half of it out, in exactly the same format as I have done, but stopped. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish. The products weren’t terrible, but I don’t think it was something that one would look forward to in a blind subscription service like this. When you sign up for something like this, first, you want to make your Lindens worth it, and second, you want the very best of a genre of product. I’ve been extremely happy in the past couple months, and I’m not too picky–no really, I mean that. I thoroughly dislike slagging people who work very hard off. But the thing is, work is done in real life to earn a translation to Lindens, and like any person, I like to get what they’re worth. It just seemed tired. I’m so very sorry to say that too.

I think another (personal) reason is that I feel like i’m witnessing the interest of quality wane. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen a Powder Pack Princess picked since July. I’ve tried VERY hard to be in this running, and to see a contest that isn’t even real happen is extremely disheartening. I could say it’s a personal grievance here, because it is, but what I’m seeing is other people miss out on the same thing that we’re all completing for. A contest being held, but no given prize. If they’ve decided not to hold the Princess photo contest anymore–fine. It’s not a worry. But you must act on that and hold true to your principles. Sigh. I promise you all that there’s no anger in my tone with this either. I will preorder next month’s Powder Pack and give it a proper chance just like the rest. However, the seed of doubt is now planted deep. Please prove me wrong, Powder Pack staff.

Evolution and a Morning Coffee – XIX


Hello there internet stranger! I’ve got great news–

I’ve upgraded my graphics card!

It wasn’t an outright buy, Tae was kind enough to rip it from her computer and put it in mine because I play so many games and (mainly) take so many photos on Second Life. This means I can run in ultra all the time now, ambient occlusion, jacked up draw distance and LODs *salivates*, and, and…….SHADOWS. *squeals*

Up to this point in my virtual photography “career”, I’ve relied on camera tricks and pre-rendered shadows for getting what I want out of the photo, but always feeling like i’m missing the mark in my heart. All three photos above are basically raw shots. I really couldn’t be more happy!

As for the content of the photos, this is what happens when the Consensus takes over South East in Insilico–rogue AIs chomping at the bit to become an apex predator.

So all I can say now is that I look 100% forward to the pictures I take. No more hours in post to touch up every little thing. Raws are looking better than ever and doing all the work on their own. I’m a happy bunny. Hopefully you will see that smile through my photos from now on!


Morning Coffee – XVIII

Hello there! Some cool things to report on today! Stark’s been building non-stop, just updating and polishing some great ideas off. We’ve got new units in Central to rent–they’re shipping crates, which I think it’s pretty awesome. He added jump pads to the city, and this message to go along:

There have been reports of exposed energy relays throughout the city launching people through the sky. If you see a power relay please do not touch or leap on. The energy charge will shoot any able body person all over the sky. Some gangs have been rumored to have used these exposed relays as a means of averting the authorities. We urge everyone to use caution when in the city!

Well doesn’t that just sound like a whale of a time? I tried one out, and let me tell you–they’re no joke. Take Saint’s Row superpower jumps and throw it into SL and you have our friendly little jump pads here. Just be careful not to have your meter active when you go for it–I reckon it won’t be a soft landing!

We’ve also received this great new way of getting around. Rezzable cars for controllable exploring. These amazing hover cars are simple, easy and fun to use. Handling is great and there’s no mess afterward, as they auto de-rez when you’re through. I highly recommend stopping in for a visit just to have a drive about. It’s most excellent.

Stark installed a driveway to our flat in East, which by all means was a serious jog to get up to at that height. I took some photos of it, as I’m pretty giddy over this addition. Here’s Madame, showing it off:


She really is so cheeky indeed.



It’s All In Your Head


Head – LeLutka – Simone 3.0
Skin – Essences – Amanda – Medium 1
Eyes – Avi Glam – Lure Eyes
Hair – Magika – Out of Breath
Outfit – r2 Fashion – Akane

Taken at SSOC/R2 Fashion

Such an amazing skin. Completely photogenic with those eyes as well. I really enjoyed taking this one, and have a million more that I didn’t use that also turned out awesome. You know what? I’ll drop some of them here!

…Bonus Tae Westing in there too!